Celebrating Fiona

I am working on updating my photography site and I am reformatting all of my posts for consistency like a crazy person and this morning I started in on Katie and Fiona’s Tutu/Princess Elsa set from last summer. I snapped these at the end of their session – Fi is such a little ham and so easy to photograph. I just love these shots. With everything she has been through she is still a kind sassy soul. And the best part – she started kindergarten this week! Her mom said she was so excited to go to big kid school. Here is a excerpt from the Fighting for Fiona Facebook page:

“Parents who have or had children with cancer or any other type of life threatening illness will understand how overwhelming these little milestones are. The moment the Dr. tells you that your perfect little child has cancer, you constantly wonder and worry if they will see their next birthday or get to ride that school bus for the first time. Fiona was jumping up and down today in excitement to go to big girl school completely unaware of how emotional this day is for us. She has been through so much and deserves all that life can offer her! Hugs your babies everyday and enjoy all these moments.”

FiKCB 2014 b02 FiKCB 2014 b01

Love you little girl. Don’t lose your love for school or your hamletness. xx

Introducing Emerson and Boris!

Oh how I love these little mugs. Last November we adopted Emerson – the dark chestnut lion head. She has a big personality – she is very vocal, she grunts when she is angry, happy, eating, playing, anything really. As these things go, I felt (I really a good bout of anthropomorphizing) that she was lonely with Steve and I working, and we ended up with Boris in April of this year.

Rabbit bonding was a strange time in my life. There were a few rounds of bunny speed dating, then subsequent dates once we brought Boris home – it sounds ridiculous I know, but even my mom was into it when I dragged her to Columbus for the speed dating bit. Anyway, I finally grabbed a few pictures of them with my flash kit – the lighting in our house is absolute shit. Enjoy the bunnies!

Emerson and Boris - House RabbitsEmerson - Lionhead House RabbitBoris - House RabbitBoris - House RabbitEmerson - Dark Lionhead House RabbitEmerson - Dark Lionhead House RabbitBoris - House RabbitBoris - House Rabbit

Grandpa’s Surprise 80th Birthday Party

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My packed orange car, outside and inside, Steve and I feeling the madness of a 20 hour drive, Kelly (my baby sister) and I, Rooney and I

Steve and I safely pulled into Cleveland on Wednesday night. We drove my jam packed, tiny 2 door car up from Texas. It’s the first big step in relocating back to the north. We still have no idea where we are going to live or what either of us will be doing but we are wishing and hoping that we will know a lot more of that information over the next few weeks. Fingers and toes crossed for us! I will be posting a Project Life update later this afternoon. Happy Friday!

Spicy Chicken and a Baby

*Quick background – we’re NOT having a baby and do not want to have one at this point in our lives an marriage. Steve wears glasses because he is nearsighted and on the day in question he was not wearing his glasses because I drove.

So, on Tuesday I decided that with all this moving business that I absolutely had to go to Paper Source in Dallas and touch everything one more time before we moved, because there are no Paper Source stores in Ohio, a ration of shit if you ask me. Regardless. I also wanted to get a few letter press cards for various holidays, birthdays, and occasions coming up. I am going to be away from Steve soon and had this idea to send him sweet cards, reminiscent of our humble beginnings when we spent almost a year 1,200 miles apart. And recently he bought of bottle of what I affectionate call Spicy Chicken for obvious reasons, so I grabbed this card as soon as I saw it along with a yorkie card.

After mulling over the amount of money I was going to spend on cards to send Steve just so I could put them in my PL album after the fact (don’t judge – I know you people do it too!) was silly. I saddled up to him and said “so I was going to send these to you while I’m away, you know, because I’m sweet like that, but just decided to show you them now instead, because really it’s the thought right?” So I showed him the yorkie card first and then the spicy chicken card. All of a sudden he is clutching his chest, pale, and breathing all strange and I’m all “are you having a heart attack?! WTF” and he’s all “Are you fucking pregnant and this how you’re telling me, IN PAPER SOURCE?!” Because, without his glasses and me being the bad wife that I am, I was holding the card too far away for him to read it. Hilarity ensued as I laughed until I cried and Steve tried to regain composure and his resting heart rate.

So, yeah, that’s the kind of week we have been having. Look for more Project Life updates this week and maybe (???) some real information on our move!

Where did March go?

Phew! What a whirl wind few weeks we’ve had around here and it’s only going to get crazier!

Yesterday I sat down in the little open space in that picture above and cranked out almost 3 months of project life goodness. I also want to take this time to address my totes. As you can see from the picture above, I store all of my crafty stuff in totes from The Container Store. They are clear and much sturdier than the regular sterilite totes and they have dividers and trays that you can purchase to maximize the space inside of them. I love them, absolutely love them. I have a project life tote with my seafoam kit and other miscellaneous papers and embellishing bits. Then I have 2 stamp totes (!!!) one holds ink, big wood mounted stamps, and smaller alpha stamps, and the other holds embossing powder and gun, sprays, stamps with wood handles and cleaning supplies. In a shorter version of those 3 totes I have all of my car making supplies. I also have 2 sterilite drawer towers that hold thickers, glitter, alcohol inks, tape runners, and a bunch of other mish-mashed stuff. I love that I can drag out all of my stuff and tuck it neatly away when I’m done with it. And also – super simple to move!

Speaking of the move – last week we finally made a big dent in our packing. We don’t have a lot of stuff to pack per se, but we both have plenty of clothing, books, and CDs. Everything that we move will ideally fit in our little 2 door cars and 1 car top carrier. It might be tight but it’s nice to see what things look like all space bagged and boxed up.

I also purchased plane tickets to head home and see my family for a little bit at the the end of this month. I know it sounds strange with us moving and all but both Steve and I agreed that with me only seeing my family for 4 days in the last year and a half (!!!) that I needed to go home and spend some quality time with them. We didn’t want to end up with jobs somewhere in Ohio and have to move and immediately be thrown into working full time and not get to see anyone. Also I have an entire apartments worth of stuff that has been in storage for 3 years that I can’t wait to sort through, purge, and organize.

And then – the biggest news – Steve and I both received calls from potential employers last week! Granted the jobs that we did get calls about are at opposite ends of the state – we are still over the moon excited.

And with all of this excitement over the last 2 weeks I am looking forward to getting through today and having 3 days off in a row to relax and to getting back into a routine here on the blog. Thank you for your understanding during this exciting time for us. Happy Monday!