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Works of Art

1. The ladies and gentlemen. Home made Les Paul (Fred), Fender Telecaster Thinline (Cecelia), Epiphone ES-339 (Gordon), and an Ibanez AM93 (Mary). , all named for his maternal and paternal grandparents. Mary is also his mom’s name and Cecelia is my middle name. So all the women in the house are happy too ;)  2. The Ibanez 3. The Epiphone

Every time I walk into the music room I can’t help but marvel over how beautiful these guitars are. Steve writes amazing music with all of them, but they truly are works of art in their own right. The Ibanez has an unusual sunburst that makes me think of the sun setting over the ocean and the moment when the water looks like honey just before the ball of light finally dips below the horizon. The red, black and silver on the Epiphone is wonderful. The Cherry paint looks like candy. Both of these guitars actually have small bodies on them so they are the perfect size for someone who is tall and thin like Steve. His Epiphone Dot Studio that he proposed to me with had a pretty big body and it just wasn’t right for his frame. I know once he gets back into a band we can all look forward to him jumping around more with these smaller bodied guitars.

A Study of Cousins – Ohio Portraits Part 3

1. Little girl named Fi being a hammy ham and older sister Kat in the background. 2. My closest in age cousin, Keara.

These are my last two favorites that I will be posting in the portrait series from Ohio. These are my two (kind of three) beautiful cousins. Fi had no idea who I was (it had been 7 months since I had been back to Ohio) and in a 2 year olds mind that is a lot of time. But once I brought out my camera, this little thing was lit up like a Christmas tree. I tried to snap a few shots of Kat and Fi together but i had to be very close to them and they were so so excited to go see fireworks that they were literally bouncing during all of the shots. This shot of Keara is one of my favorites from a portrait session we did in 3 minutes on the day that I was supposed to fly out of Ohio. It was about 100 degrees outside and she was quite a trooper for me.

Side note: As always you can click images to view them in a larger format and with more clarity. Lately WordPress has been muddling my images. I am working to correct it now.

Family Portraits – Ohio – Out takes!

1. Yes I am fully aware of how ridiculous I look, but I love pictures with my sister. 2. My mom and I, not that it is a ‘bad’ picture. or an out take, it’s just a strange angle, I think. 3. 2 looks that I am very familiar with, from my dad and sister. Unimpressed is what I would define it as. Usually after that look that my sister is giving, she signs some smart ass thing and giggles (she is completely deaf). 4. My sister is quite the character. Love that little one.

Out takes are happy mistakes. Or maybe they are more of catching a moment on camera when people don’t think your lens is looking. Or they are images that maybe aren’t quite right and probably wouldn’t be bought or put in a gallery, but maybe they are something you frame or use as an Iphone background because they just do it for you. And that’s what I love about these out takes.

What my iphone saw – Ohio Edition

1. Yummy Breakfast 2. Yuengling came to Ohio and it is always stocked when I come home from Texas. 3. Veggie Pizza! 4. My 4 hour layover set up in Charlotte Airport. I snagged one of those coveted white rocking chairs in the Atrium near a working plug and did some people watching and book reading. 5. My favorite sneakers. Who cares if they are Michigan colors? They are so comfortable and they were a cheap find too :) 6. My little man looking quite little under the table on the new deck at the grandparents house. 7. Knob Creek – a surprise from my dad. I drank that entire bottle all on my own mixed with rootbeer. Say something about how I take my bourbon. 8. Finally leaving Charlotte 24 hours later that I was supposed to.

I love my iphone and I love the pictures that it takes (usually). I love the front camera for self and family portraits (its also extremely useful in taking pictures of Sid who happens to be camera shy except when the screen is facing him). I love that it goes everywhere with me so that even if I am not lugging my rebel all over the earth and I see something picture worthy, I can still snap it. I love having 2 folders full of camera/photo apps. (If you’d like to follow my instagram in real time find me at @shannoncecelia!) Enjoy :]

List(less) Wednesday

Steve. Love of my life. Showing me his Circa shirt and graciously allowing me to take instax pictures of him. all. the. time.

1. I have decided that instead of posting my instax minis in one photo post or something I am going to use them to accent my List(less) Wednesday posts. Steve here has no relevance to the rest of the list. He is just adorable, that one.

2. As of Monday, I am officially a salaried employee. As of Monday, I was promoted to a position that is…that it just is. Things have to be approved through our State licensing agency so I won’t say much about it until its all said and done (6 weeks!) but man. Life moves fast.

3. We have found a hotel in Colorado (Breckenridge) for the beginning/middle of October.  It will work for now but the prices have been all over the map lately. One week at our favorite hotel (Aloft) they are in the $75.00 range and this week they are in the $134.00 range. Its driving me bonkers. We decided on a resort-type hotel actually in Estes Park at the moment, but regardless I think we’ll end up in that area anyway. If anyone out there has any suggestions please let me know.

4. Printed 105 photos to tidy up the lose ends of my PL (3 weeks worth!) and decided that I am going to fill last week with journaling and minimal photos and then I will get pictures and get them posted. I still love that project, I have just been playing catch up for a month after my time off in the beginning of the month.

5. I strangely enough have been setting up my posts in advanced to publish. I know a lot of, if not all, of the bloggers I follow do this, and man, does it make me feel better. I like this little piece of the internet, I like having it to myself, my life, and my photos, and I like posting here. Its strange this blog thing.

*I also want to welcome my family and friends this week. Until early this week I had not truly shared this space with my real life people. Not out of needing to hide it or anything like that but I have been working on building content and getting to a place where I can post 6-7 times a week on a consistent basis and have enough content to fill the space. Enjoy :]!

Sister Doors

This door – man – this door. See how it says “KELLY’S ROOM”? Well it used to say “SHANNON’S ROOM”. I’d like to take credit for all of those stickers there. Steve makes fun of me for having Thursday and Thrice stickers on there (I did not fully appreciate/listen to those bands until after we were together and he forced reintroduced me to them). Most of the other stickers came from clothes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It took me a really long time to nail down who I thought I was back then. And as you can see I definitely tried on many versions of myself. I’m pretty sure my mom still cusses me out for putting all those stickers on there every time she walks down that hallway. Mostly because they are looking to sell and will have to buy new doors for this room and the spare/office/bedroom that used to be Kelly’s room/is mine/Steve and I’s room when we visit (she of course followed suite and put tons of obnoxious stickers on her door, because, of course she had to out due me ;] ).
I’ll never forget when I “moved” into my dorm at Kent State in 2006. They had freshman move in on a Wednesday before everyone else came back to campus so that we could do orientation and get a feel for campus before classes started the following Monday. That weekend I went home (3 days later, mind you) and all of my left at home stuff had been dismantled/semi-boxed/moved into the hallway and now “spare” bedroom. My old room was painted, painted I tell you! I couldn’t believe it. My little sister, that one, she can be quite ambitious when she so chooses.

Portraits from Ohio – Part 2


While I was home, the fam and I got some use out of my clicker. We took a whole bunch of photos trying to take a good family portrait. These are my photos 2 favorite from the session. I’ll be posting the out takes later this week.