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List(less) Wednesday

Today’s list is a shorty but a goody. I totally copped out of posting last Wednesday because we were enjoying these 3 delicious views in real time. Here are some of my favorite scenery pictures via my iphone from last week. 1. A panoramic from our first day just outside of Colorado Springs on our way to the Garden of the Gods park. 2. The gorgeous view from the road right outside our hotel.3. The view from our hotel room on Thursday and Saturday (breath taking, right?! A huge thank you to The Lodge and Spa at Breck for our amazing upgrade!).

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to getting back into a normal swing of things around here on this blog and in life over the next week or so. Happy Wednesday!

List(less) Wednesday

Us with Greg and Mitch from Moving Mountains, circa October 2011.

1. October. So good to see you again. It is starting to feel like fall about once a week here, one day in the 60’s or 70’s, then the rest of the week is in the 80’s or 90’s. This time last year it was still sweltering, when we went to the Moving Mountains show it was 98 degrees!

2. Vacation countdown has officially begun. We leave in less than a week! Can’t wait to see you Colorado!

3. I made myself a Wedding minibook to take on our trip next week as well as a delicious December Daily minibook and had tons of leftover paper (I cut paper for 6, yes SIX, hours on Sunday) and listed the extras in the shop. I have tons of minibooks and albums in a giant box in our closet but this was the first time I decided to do something with my left over paper. Quantities are very limited.

4. Some asshole hit my car today. And no, I do not mean with his car, I mean with his little fists and feet and spit. I angrily posted about it on Facebook like any upstanding individual does now-a-days as twitter is public and not a place for my sailor mouth because I am pretty sure my boss secretly follow me. My aunt ask me why this happened and here is my best approximation as to why “I was merging from a service drive into traffic coming off a ramp from the highway, i had a yield sign (not a stop) and there was a spot for me to merge into, so I did. He flew up my ass and laid on his horn so obviously I flipped him off (my bad I know) but that’s just how I’ve become down here. And didn’t think anything of it until he was banging on my car calling me a stupid bitch and a c******* and telling me that I needed to yield to him like he was my master or something. Great display of tiny penis syndrome. Oh yeah! He was in his silver KIA SOUL.” so yeah, that happened. And to answer the impending questions, yes I have reported it to both cities that we were potentially in and yes I did get a really good picture of his stupid car and license plate with my Iphone.

5. Nothing else really matters after an experience such as the one mentioned above, so go watch this.

Happy Hump Day!

List(less) Wednesday

I finally opened my shop!

1. Happy Stuff – I finally sat down and finished opening my Etsy shop! I was determined to finish it last night. Work has been crazy over the last 10 days or so and I have not had much time to work on my side projects and I really needed to get this one checked off on the to-do list. Head on over and take a look around. I am adding new items all this week and now through the end of September take advantage of free shipping with the code “HappyOpening”. You can easily get over to Etsy by clicking on the “Shop” tab above.

2. Not Happy Stuff – As I mentioned above the last 10 days have been over the top at work. And I am pissed off about it I don’t usually talk about my work life here or swear like a sailor like I do in real life (I like it to be PG here on the web). But I am pissed. I work with seniors citizens and children with disabilities coordinating their care, hiring caregivers, performing assessments, yadda, yadda. And nothing makes me more pissed off than when a caregiver no call no shows (NCNS). And not because 95% of the time I have to drag my ass out of bed/work a 16 hour day to cover their shift. No, no. In the home care industry, caregivers have a lot of flexibility with their schedules. They can decline shifts and have whatever kind of availability they choose and we as an agency have to work around their personal schedules because we do not have a physical location (caregivers go to client’s homes) so we don’t typically have 40 hour, round the clock shifts, like an assisted living or nursing home. Shifts can be anytime during the day, we cater to what clients need or want. And I totally get it, its hard for caregivers to work odd shifts when they have children and families. But if you accept a shift and it gets to be too much, or it’s not enough hours, or whatever, tell your damn boss. I take my work very seriously, I am not the kind of agency manager that has no experience as a caregiver and is relentless with my caregivers telling them how to do their job better or differently without knowing what they go through (I hated those people as a caregiver and I am never going to be that kind of a manager). Yes, I was a caregiver, I was in the trenches for almost 3 years while I was in college. I worked specifically with Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents, and at one point I was a Lead Caregiver at an assisted living. And while you may thinking being a lead meant that I had the “cushy” job, ooh no. I had all of the hard residents, I was slapped, bit, threaten with knives and forks, choked, and covered in other peoples bodily fluids all. day. long. So I get it. It is not glamorous. The job is hard, thankless, and caregivers in our country are not paid nearly enough for the care and companionship that we provide to our seniors. Its like how we don’t pay the teachers in our country nearly enough to educate our future but still expect them to go above and beyond, take parent’s relentless crap, and deal with KIDS all. day. long. But I digress. No matter what, it comes down to this simple fact, if you have a job, it is your profession, it is what you do, no matter how stupid or ridiculous you find it to be, you are a professional. So if you can’t handle it or have found other work, just call your boss. You are a damn adult. Start acting like one.

(And just because I am being a snarky brat – I want you to know 90% of the time when I have a caregiver NCNS because I couldn’t give them more hours because of their shitty availability, the day after they put me up a creek without a paddle, I find full time hours that would have worked out perfectly for them. So keep that in mind, things are always changing these days, if you think you can’t stick it out, try or tell your boss you are having a hard time, because who knows, you may end up being rewarded.)/endrant

Anywho! Thank you for reading my ridiculous rant, things will be back to normal next Wednesday, promise :)

List(less) Wednesday

From this past Saturday Morning

1. 2 List(less) Wednesday post in a row! I am on a roll with my self imposed deadlines I tell ya.

2. Documentation of September is already wildly more successful. And – hello? It’s almost the middle of September? I swear August was the longest month ever in which nothing got accomplished and September is going to be the shortest month in which many, many things are accomplished.

3. Next month Steve and I have a week – AN ENTIRE WEEK – off of work and we are flying to Colorado. Beyond thrilled to pull out my duck boots, thermals shirts, scarves, and gloves. We are staying the majority of the trip in Breckenridge at a beautiful lodge in the mountains. We had planned on driving from Texas to Colorado  (crazy, right?) but last month somethings fell into place (Thank you, mom!) and I was able to buy 2 round trip tickets for $130 each. So we get 2 more whole days than we thought in Colorado and will be spending the bookends of our trip in Denver proper and Estes Park. I cannot wait to get out of Texas and into the mountains.

4. I am opening my Etsy store this week, even if it kills me. I have a bunch of items ready to go, I just need to sit down and dedicate the time to getting it all on the site and making my little story look like my little store.

5. Saw a tweet this week “‘I don’t need anymore stamps’ said no one, ever”, and died laughing, because it is so true. I have an addiction to rubber stamps. And I am not biased either, mounted-unmounted-clear-cling, whatever it is, I love it. Two Peas received a hefty amount of my business this week seeing as Amy Tangerine’s – Ready, Set, Go line was released and I already had quite a few stamps in my bucket. I have no clue what I am going to use that little elephant stamp on but I HAD to have it. Silly I know but, really, I did. And then tomorrow Elise is reopening her stamp shop and I most certainly need both Ampersand stamps and the His and Her’s stamps. But after that I am done. I promise. (said no one ever ;) ) You can read another over enthusiastic post on heat embossing rubber stamped images here.

Anyway – have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by! And if you would like to start your own List(less) Wednesday series, please do! Link here or use #listlesswednesday on twitter :)

List(less) Wednesday

Handsome and sweet dog cuddling on Sunday.

Oh listless Wednesday. Its been a few weeks my mid-week friend. But I am here now and that’s all that matters.

1. Long weekend = the most productive I have felt in such a long time. I reorganized my entire life (almost). I still need to get a blogging calendar together (obviously!) and I need to get some BIG projects done over the next few days and then I will finally feel less crazy.

2. I’m waiting for something big to happen at my job and I’ve been waiting on it since April. So I haven’t had a good nights sleep since then, and the longer we wait the more and more sleep I am losing.

3. Next month is a big month and I honestly think it has something to do with both Steve and my lack of sleep in general.

4. I have decided that I dislike things that I have to do every day. Eat, sleep, shower. I have such disdain for these tasks because I have to do them over and over again. I still do them, mind you. I am not a heathen (most of the time). I just don’t have to like doing it. And I guess my adult job forcing me to shower every morning and wear make up and look presentable has finally gotten to me. I cannot wait until it cools off a bit so that a nice sweater and a pair of pants will get me through the day. I think my professional dresses are tired of the summer and want a break.

5. My iPhone is still a Words with Friend fiasco. I think I have 11 games going on as of late thanks to everyone in my family upgrading to iPhones/Kindle fires.

6. Paper source is the happiest place on earth. I made Steve drive the 35 miles each way with me last Thursday to buy stamps. I have a problem. Thats the first step right? Admitting it? I spent a small fortune but new that it would be a long time before we were back in that neck of the woods in Dallas. I really should have done some more online shopping before we went so I had a better idea of what I exactly wanted because I have another few items sitting in my cart online that I debating paying the shipping on. Scrapper problems.

7. In my iPhone updates and if you follow along on twitter/instagram, you will have seen some sneak peeks of a venture I am hoping to get off the ground this weekend. Stay tuned for details.

8. August was a crazy long/busy month. And as I logged in to finish this post today I saw this post from Candy at Happy Little Wonders and realized I must not be the only person who feels like the blog was an after thought for the month of August. I tried to follow her and post what I actually did in August that caused me to let dust collect on my little piece of the internet but I can’t think of anything! Must do better in September.

9. Still trying to decide, paper planner or iPhone calendar for my blog calendar. I mostly ignore my iCal and haven’t opened the paper planned that I have been hauling carrying around for almost 2 weeks. Its a Russel+Hazel binder and man is that sucker heavy! I have to make a decision quick because I don’t think Steve is going to text my phone while I am half asleep dictating him ideas for much longer ;)

10. If you have not already, please go check out Elise Blaha and then go check out Naomi Davis of the Rock Star Diaries. I can safely assume that most of my free time was spent devouring these 2 blogs over the last few months. Elise is actually how I found Project Like and her 2013 Seafoam kit is amazing! And Naomi’s kids Samson and Elanor are seriously the cutest. I don’t want kids and I love looking at their little faces (safely through a computer/iPhone screen ;)).


As always, thanks for stopping by and welcome new followers :)!

List(less) Wednesday

The best little pup ever.

1. So much came together in terms of planning for the next 6-8 months over the weekend, I cannot believe it. Its been a rush and I have been super busy scouring ebay and cussing people out for out bidding me at literally the last second. I even pulled off the highway after work today to bid on an item (responsibility, first people!) and my silly Iphone refused to update and I lost FOUR items in a 5 minute period. Sheesh.

2. I am playing around with a business model at the moment. I am looking into opening a shop, with a wide range of items. But its in the primary stages (aka in my mind) I’m still rolling it around my brain deciding if it would be a worth it endeavor. Stay tuned for details!

3. Holy migraines this week! I finally cut out ALL meat and got back to my healthy vegetarian diet, not my chips and soda vegetarian diet. I was still sneaking pepperoni (I know the worst meat ever) on my pizza, but this week that ended. I am detoxing all over the place. In the morning I make Steve and I our super packed shake (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, kale, amazing grass ORAC super foods powder, EFA omega 3,6,9, Spirulina, and local honey. Phew!) and then I take an almond butter sammy and green juice (cucumber, kale, spinach, romaine, 1 apple) to work and then I let myself have whatever we have for dinner, although this week I have been trying to stick to healthier options. My boss even gave me $10 to Starbucks and I have yet to touch it :)

4. I have been a (mostly) vegetarian, vegetarian for a year. I wish I could say I was rail thin and just loving life but I’ve honestly gained more weight because it was so easy to eat Pizza and Mac and Cheese than to truly commit to a true healthy life style. Eating healthy is getting easier now that I am making time for it (getting up earlier!) but it is still a work in progress.

5. I starting my “4th” year of memory keeping. This will be the first year that I am going to be keeping the memories as we make them and this is such a good year to start! I am caught up to date (I made traditional scrapbooks for the first 2 years that Steve and I were together and then I started project life with year 3 but I started this past March so I had to work backwards from March to the previous August and to be honest I hate that part of my PL album. Its not weekly and I was not all that wonderful about taking pictures all the time and we live a pretty boring, hot, sweaty life here in Texas. So there wasn’t much to fill that part but the album is still some how THICK. It was a perfect time to start year 4 because year 3 is busting out of the seems!

List(less) Wednesday

My mom and I on what we thought would be my last day in Ohio. Little did we know what U.S. Airways had in store for me!

1. 3 years ago today a boy in a plaid shirt and skinny jeans gave me the best kiss I have ever received. I literally saw fireworks. And then he made me wait 2 WHOLE DAYS to see him again.

2. Steve and I both get 3 day weekends and 2 of our days off even overlap! We will be celebrating our anniversary on Friday and getting a huge chunk of wedding to-dos out of the way.

3. I have so many posts lined up and ready to go…in my head. I need to take photos of my latest projects and get them up here. I think you’ll find that I am not going to be posting a lot of “how-to’s” here, mostly because when it comes to crafting I need to see something before I do it, so I have projects that I have done but they are not my own ideas. I will always add a link to the original so that you can go and follow along if you would like. On a related note; I also found a string of awesome sites related to pintrest fails. Boy do I have some of those that I am going to submit.

4. I spilled about 6 oz. of coffee all over my Iphone just now. Talk about a freak out. I immediately wiped it off (on my dress of course – 45 minutes into work and I am already a mess!) and I am still receiving texts and I called the office to make sure the ear piece still works (that took the brunt of the coffee) and it seems okay. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t go on the fritz later. (And thankfully – I am do for a reduced rate upgrade on the 8th. Not that I could wait that long, but still that’s a little reassurance).

5. I ordered all of the new plastics from Beck Higgins and the folks over at Project Life (even though I said I wasn’t going to!) and they are WONDERFUL! They arrived yesterday. No more cutting up my 12×12 pocket pages to make inserts and I am beyond thrilled!