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I said goodbye to an old buddy this week.

I will say that I am going absolutely bananas waiting for the new camera to get here. I even hauled out my old tablet and started to add text to Sid pictures to occupy myself while I patiently wait.

{ETA: In looking back at this post, and Sid being the main picture, it could wrongly be concluded that he died (lost an old buddy). He has not, he is still causing doggie terror where ever he roams.}

But I had my Rebel XS for 4 years. It went literally everywhere with me. It took the road trip to Texas with Steve and I, both times that we did it. It went to the Virgin Islands, Punta Cana, Canada. It spent many nights with Rooney and I, photographing every aspect of his tiny-old-man-dog features. It took so many pictures of Steve, every angle of him, when we first started dating. It held all of those images so that when we were going through the long distance parts of our relationship, I could flip through my camera and see images of how the light fell across his face on the patio while he was smoking his morning cigarette and fall into those memories so that he did not feel like he was 1000 miles away.

My parents bought it for me one quarter while I was at Ohio State when I had decided to change my minor in photography to my major (in my mind, not on paper of course) and took an entire quarter of art classes, which really pissed them off. But as always in their strange way of seemingly hating every decision I make, but supporting me no matter what, they bought me this amazing camera. It was way over my head (I was a film girl up to this point) but I loved it. It wasn’t often that I ventured off of the automatic settings at first but over the years I learned to shoot in a fully manual mode as well as to manually focus at the same time. That camera taught me so much, it helped me to see the world, and it helped me to translate my creative energy into something I actually loved to do. There is nothing like taking a picture of someone the way that you see them, and then giving them that picture.

But alas, I have out grown a lot of what the XS could and sold the XS body in order to fund the purchase of a new camera body. I am so excited to get the new body (on Friday!!) but I will miss my old travel buddy.

Sunday Afternoon

I would usually be posting a Project Life update today but I am in the process of *hopefully* selling my Rebel XS. (!!!!!!!) It is cleaned and nicely packed into a camera bag ready for a potential buyer to see this evening. So I won’t have any pictures of this week’s layout until I receive a shiny new camera. Here are some pictures from the layout to tide us over until then.

If the pictures look a little different its because after reading this post on A Beautiful Mess, I downloaded Totally Rad’s Radlab and have loved every minute of my free trial; I will definitely be purchasing the full version when my trial ends. These pictures are on a 12x12in protector in 4x4in slots. The top left is from last Sunday when I was working on the previous week’s layout. The middle top picture is a shot of my part of our bathroom counter and the products I use. The last photo in the top row is of a Godiva 72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds bar that my boss bought me for my birthday. It is to die for. The bottom row starts with the coffee cup that I always use. I love the dog and the giraffe on it. The middle picture in the bottom row is my lunch from earlier in the week with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. And the last image is my failed attempted at trying to teach Sid to play dead.

I think this is my favorite picture of Sid to date. Steve and I decided it was time to sell some of our gear (his guitars and pedal, my camera) So we set up a little photo shoot  in the foyer by our room. Sid usually runs when he sees the big dSLR, the motor of the autofocus terrifies him. But for some reason, the clean sheet and the bright lights made him want to be right in the middle of the action. Towards the end of taking all the pictures we needed to take we decided to try and get some well-lit shots of the pooch. No sooner did we put him on the sheet, next to some weird planters, he started to try and run away. This image is from when Steve (the light guy) put Sid on the sheet and was trying to get out of the way to hold the light back on him and we were both gently (and by gently I mean me laughing so hard that I was crying and Steve yelling Stay!). He looks so guilty. I just love it to pieces.

This was the evening that we decided we needed to sell out stuff. Steve hit his 90 days with the music store so he is able to get a pretty hefty employee discount on guitars and he truly is due for a new one. His big boy guitar if you will. We went up to the music store and Steve played around with some really amazing guitars. This guitar is a Semi Hollow Body Epiphone Riviera with a Bigsby bridge (AKA the Gold Grill) such a beautiful instrument! We eventually did a more “Steve” style guitar (cheaper too).  But it had to be ordered so there are no pictures yet.  Thank you for reading!