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Project Life Update – June 24th-30th!

This week was pretty hard.

The good parts: Gas was $2.99 that week! But we do live in Texas so we get to pay cheaper gas prices than the rest of the country. And that Epiphanie Lyric even snuck its way into this layout too (i think its in the next 2 to be honest!).

The middle parts: I was gearing up to head to Ohio and working my butt off to get things ready at work for my departure so a camera wasn’t always in hand and I didn’t want to take pictures with life being so frantic.

The bad parts: Steve and I also weren’t feeling well so we spent some time together snuggled up on the couch watching movies. Somehow a few super depressing documentaries (Hello, Gasland and HBO’s One Nation Under Dog) snuck in there. I cried at the end of Gasland and I didn’t even watch Dogs but read about it and I am still tortured by it. Its depressing but they are extremely education (and unbiased politcally!) And I think people need to really know whats happening out there, even if its hard to watch. ! And Please fight fracking and spay/neuter your dogs (and cats!).

This next part is going to get real folks. Its heavy. Please do not continue to read if at all you believe you should not given the previous paragraph. When I see or hear about the horrors that happen to animals in our country and across the globe at human hands I get sick, I get depressed, and I literally spend hours at a time thinking, researching, and ruminating about what I saw or read to get it out of my system. I even read an open letter from a man that worked at a shelter, who had to put dogs down, to the rest of the world. It really opened my eyes to how horrible “dogs being put down” is. It literally breaks my heart. I’m crying while just writing about it. Please adopt rescue animals and please please please do not chose to bring an animal into your family unless you can financially afford it. Animals have to eat and go to the doctor too. And if you do bring a pet into your home and at some point you have to part ways, please do your research, bring the animal to a no kill shelter or a breed specific rescue. Most of the animals in kill shelters 3 days before they are euthanized. And for the love of all things good in this world do not drop the animal in a park or near a body of water thinking that someone will pick them up and do your dirty work for you. Because believe me, people like me, the people who chase loose dogs and rescue injured animals are out there, but we are few and far between right now. So please, consider a few things before you adopt an animal. Consider your financial power, your living arrangement, if you’re going to have kids in the next couple of years, and whether you’re going to decide to move across the country in the next 10 years. Because all of these big life changes will involve this animal and are some of the top reasons people bring good, healthy animals to shelters.


Thanks for reading, guys. Even when its a little depressing…

Project Life Update – June 17th-23rd!

As I said in the List(less) Wednesday post yesterday, I have been experiencing some major detox symptoms over the last few days and by the end of the work day I can barely stand to look at my phone to set an alarm for the next morning let alone edit photos and post them. But I am finally starting to feel a little better and now I am here with another update. We are slowly chugging along here!


This is back from the middle of June when my Epiphanie Lyric arrived! I love that bag, although it did get a little scuffed while traveling with it for the 4th of July which makes me so sad, but it is a wonderful bag. As you can tell I was extremely excited by it because there are tons of pictures in it through out this layout. The bottom corner on the first page of the layout is what I usually carry in my camera bag. I am actually putting together a post to better explain my camera bags (4 of them!) and what I carry in them. I also received my Speedlite that week. I love that thing. Don’t get me wrong I love natural light photography and for a long time was a hardcore (beginner) natural light only picture taker. But there is definitely a time and a place (like a house in Texas with black out curtains in the bedroom and vaulted ceiling leaving virtually no natural light in the entire house). I am still working out the kinks with it and will hopefully download the manual this weekend to get a better feel for it.  No insert this week. Just a nice simple layout to round out this week. Enjoy!

List(less) Wednesday

List-less-Wednes-day da da da da da da da  (sing-songy to the beat of can can music, 23 seconds in)

Srsly. Took me 45 minutes of googling, 3 phone calls, and lots of weird youtube videos to figure out what that song was! Ah now on to the list!

5 things that are on my mind at the moment:

1. I am going back to Ohio July4th-8th. My boss decided to close the office W-F of the holiday week so I jumped on the opportunity to buy an extremely expensive plane ticket home (no PTO/benefits at my current position).

2. Workflowy – I am a list making machine and workflowy lets me put my thoughts onto “paper” without all the nonsense of Evernote/A+ Note or whatever other note programs exist. It short sweet and to the point. It still ha the satisfying complete button where it makes a slash through the item and then remove said item from the sheet. Its pretty nifty.

3. Epiphanie Camera Bags – I received a Lyric in Mustard last night and I am in *love*. My shiny new camera gets to go everywhere with me now in my shiny new bag.  I fully intend on writing a review of all (4) of my camera bags. I know I have a problem.

4. Going to see this 145 foot long fishy tunnel when I head back to CLE.

5. I am working on compiling a post dedicated to juice cleansing/liquid fasting and how ridiculously hard and rewarding it was.


Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!