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List(less) Wednesday

Lets just call this a mash-up list. 5 things that are helping me get through this work week.

Good luck getting through the rest of hump day!

List(less) Wednesday

Favorite music (of the moment):
1. House of Cards – This is the end 2 part live set is rocking my face off while I am at work. The stage banter is funny and the music is even better (and yes, I am biased because this is my fiance’s old band, so what?)
2. Goyte РSomebody That I Used To Know. Yes I know this is a ridiculous song but Steve  got me hooked on. We have even joked about doing a doggy version with the pooch and posting it on youtube.
3. Minus the Bear – OMNI. I hated this album with a passion when it came out, but now that the summer is coming on strong I have really began to dig the pop-techno mix of the tracks.
4. Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps. The latest from this old group of guys and its badass. We saw Greg Dulli and this band last Memorial Day and it was one of the best show I have ever been too.
5. Cursive – I Am Gemini. Again the latest from this band, and it really did breath new life into my passion for their music.

Have a wonderful week!