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Sister Doors

This door – man – this door. See how it says “KELLY’S ROOM”? Well it used to say “SHANNON’S ROOM”. I’d like to take credit for all of those stickers there. Steve makes fun of me for having Thursday and Thrice stickers on there (I did not fully appreciate/listen to those bands until after we were together and he forced reintroduced me to them). Most of the other stickers came from clothes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It took me a really long time to nail down who I thought I was back then. And as you can see I definitely tried on many versions of myself. I’m pretty sure my mom still cusses me out for putting all those stickers on there every time she walks down that hallway. Mostly because they are looking to sell and will have to buy new doors for this room and the spare/office/bedroom that used to be Kelly’s room/is mine/Steve and I’s room when we visit (she of course followed suite and put tons of obnoxious stickers on her door, because, of course she had to out due me ;] ).
I’ll never forget when I “moved” into my dorm at Kent State in 2006. They had freshman move in on a Wednesday before everyone else came back to campus so that we could do orientation and get a feel for campus before classes started the following Monday. That weekend I went home (3 days later, mind you) and all of my left at home stuff had been dismantled/semi-boxed/moved into the hallway and now “spare” bedroom. My old room was painted, painted I tell you! I couldn’t believe it. My little sister, that one, she can be quite ambitious when she so chooses.