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List(less) Wednesday

Favorite music (of the moment):
1. House of Cards – This is the end 2 part live set is rocking my face off while I am at work. The stage banter is funny and the music is even better (and yes, I am biased because this is my fiance’s old band, so what?)
2. Goyte – Somebody That I Used To Know. Yes I know this is a ridiculous song but Steve  got me hooked on. We have even joked about doing a doggy version with the pooch and posting it on youtube.
3. Minus the Bear – OMNI. I hated this album with a passion when it came out, but now that the summer is coming on strong I have really began to dig the pop-techno mix of the tracks.
4. Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps. The latest from this old group of guys and its badass. We saw Greg Dulli and this band last Memorial Day and it was one of the best show I have ever been too.
5. Cursive – I Am Gemini. Again the latest from this band, and it really did breath new life into my passion for their music.

Have a wonderful week!

List(less) Wednesday

Wednesdays are the worst for me. I am tired and ready for the weekend. I am completely out energy to deal with my day job (I work with the elderly and disabled, and I’m on call 24/7). I also posses no creative energy what-so-ever. I have a Birthday Gift that I am working on for Steve (our birthday’s are this weekend, 3 days apart) and I don’t even want to look at it. I also don’t want to think about writing here. By Thursday morning I am usually over it, but from 6pm until I hit the sheets on Wednesday night it is all just too much. So to combat the Wednesday Listlessness (and to try and give myself a reason to get here, get excited, and to deliver something worth reading) you will find lists here every Wednesday. Maybe the same, maybe not, but we’ll figure it out together.

List(less) Wednesday
My 5 Favorite Blogs:
1. Kris Carr – Kris and her wonderful team of bloggers talk about everything that has to do with healthy living. Kris is living with cancer and kicking its butt by eating a raw vegan diet and juicing her brains out. The front page has a unicorn on it, how could you go wrong with that?
2. Elise Blaha – Elise is a crafting whiz. She blogs about life, crafting, project life, and currently has a pop up stamp shop with amazing stamps that are perfect for project life.
3. A Beautiful Mess – Elsie and her sister Emma have a lifestyle blog that is updated almost daily. They both have a hand in their vintage boutique, Red Velvet, and always have the cutest clothes and crafts.
4. Ali Edwards – Work at home mother and crafter extraordinaire, Ali’s blog is the mecca for project lifer’s. She has a whole host of digital products over at Designer Digitals designed with project lifers in mind.
5. Kam at CampfireChic – Another amazing project lifer, Kam has wonderful ideas for her fellow bloggers (hence the list at her suggestion from her “5 blogs you should be writing” post.)

The Happy Thoughts Jar

I need to give you all a little history. In 2010 I moved to Texas and I graduated from The Ohio State University. All huge things. But the thing that I will never forget about 2010 is that it was the year that we found out that my mom had stage 3 ovarian cancer. She had surgery in October of that year and then started chemotherapy in December. She was such a trooper. She shaved her head, bought wigs, wore said wigs, had said wigs almost get blown off by the wind, and most importantly laughed. She rarely got sick, and continued to work. She was such an inspiration to continue to trudge on, for all us, for everyone that knows her.

And last year with the help of family and friends we threw my mom a huge surprise party to celebrate her birthday, Mother’s Day, and most importantly the finish of her chemotherapy. All of it was a surprise, my being in Ohio, the party, her childhood friends being there, and the fact that we all could actually pull it off without her finding out. That birthday and Mother’s Day needed to be celebrated in that way. It was the first happy thing that we had all experienced in 7 months. And it was great, we all had so much fun.

And this year I wanted to do something special. I unfortunately could not go back to Ohio, with a new job and many big, expensive things planned this year it just was not in the cards. So I shopped and looked and decided that making something was the best choice.

I used an empty plastic jar and modge podged tissue paper onto the outside of the jar to give it texture and to make the jar opaque. I then used purple acrylic paint to cover the tissue paper. I left the gray lid alone because I could not think of a medium that would not rub off or crack. I then took purple ribbon and wrapped it around the jar (my bow is ugly, don’t judge) and then put American Crafts thickers on the ribbon. Inside I took lots of little pieces of purple paper and wrote notes for my mom to let her know how awesome she is. Even though the cancer is…in remission…hate those words, it has still been a tough couple of years. 2 days before that party I mentioned up there we found out that my mom was BRCA 1 positive. This meant that even though the ovarian cancer was taken out that she was still at an 80% risk for breast cancer and a whole host of other kinds of cancer. As a family we made the decision for her to have a prophylactic mastectomy. And in March of this year she finally finished that journey. She is now missing all of her “female” original parts, something we don’t talk about often but I know that it has got to be weird and hard. And that’s why I made her the “Happy Thoughts” Jar. Because on top of all of that really hard stuff, there is still life, other people have gotten sick, and better, people been born, have gotten married, and died, and its hard to keep truckin’.

Being worlds apart from my mom on Mother’s Day is hard, especially because her birthday is the same week.

Project Life Weeks April 29th-May 5th and May 6th-May 13th


Project Life Round Up – The last 9 months!

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon Steve treated me to playing guitar near the only window that we have in our room. The days are getting longer so we have more sun to play around with when he gets home from the music store.  After a long day of working on Project Life and other projects that I have kicking around the craft corner in our room it was nice to sit and really play with the manual focus on my 50mm lens. Look out for a Project Life round up on Thursday!!

Well this is it…

This is the start. A fresh new page so to speak. Thank you for stopping by!

Shannon, Steve, Sid, and Rooney