Tools, Techniques, and Inspirations

Down below here you will see 2 huge posts with all of my Project Life layouts pretty much to date. I found Project Life through Elise Blaha, which I found through Pintrest. One of her project life layouts was a pin on the crafty board and I fell in love.  And from Elise’s blog I found Ali Edwards and Kam. I was trying to create scrapbooks to document the first 3 years of our relationship, mostly because I needed a hobby once I had my post college “adult job” and I hated it. Making an album for our first year was easy-ish because it was exciting and hard and we made it through it and I had a lot of pictures and plane tickets and stuff to put in it. Then came the second year, creating a page became so much work. I was just slapping pictures onto ugly scrapbook paper and hating it. I loved the memories, but our second year was calm and peaceful which after the crazy first year that we had together was so good. We had moved in together right before the second year started so there was less stuff and even less pictures because we were honestly enjoying being together full time after 10 months apart. And that’s how it should have been, but it made memory keeping hard. And when I found Elise’s blog and Becky Higgins and the world that is Project Life I was amazed. No more creating layouts, the layouts were created for me, I just had to choose one and then put my pictures, my memories into them. I wasn’t even daunted by the 12×12 size (I had always done 8.5×11 scrapbooks). It was perfect. So I waited patiently for the page protectors to be back in stock and then I ordered everything I could get my hands on.

I use specifically the Cobalt edition binder and Core Kit and page protectors a, b, c, d, e, f, and g. I also use the 6×12 as inserts. And I love the dividers, I use them monthly. Straying away from the project life protectors I also use We R Memory keepers 4×6 and 4×4 page protector and their page protector that is perfect for Instagrams 4×4 inch pockets on a 12×12 sheet. I also use the We R Memory keepers Crop-A-Dile Big Bite. It can punch through almost anything and large stacks of material as well (great for mini books!). I am a big Hobby Lobby person, mostly because I do not like to wait for things to come in the mail, I like to see things before I buy them. So I use a lot of Paper Studio products, specifically their corner punches, they aren’t the best but they do the work and were cheap and I also use their paper trimmer and their embellishments for a lot of my pages. I also use their stamps wood and cling. I use StazOn ink for stamping. And I use washi tape from all over, the Target brand that is taking the scrapbooking world by storm, and every kind I could get my hands on from Freckled Fawn (and yes I just ordered a bunch of their new tapes that they just put up on May 26th while I was typing this :) ).

For printing I use a Canon Selphy CP800 and canon paper. It’s not perfect I have to really work at getting the pictures the same size for the 3×4 and 4×3 pockets but its okay for now. I am savings for a nice full size printer where I will have more control over how the picture prints (portable photo printers typically stretch any image to fit the paper, even if you make it 4×6 or smaller, so little bits of the picture hang over onto the perforated edges). I use PSE 10 to resize/edit pictures. I don’t do too much editing, I like my pictures when the way they come out of my camera or phone. Speaking of cameras I use an old school Canon Rebel XS (no i!) and a Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens and I have an iPhone 4, I use Instagram and sometimes Picture Show to edit my photos. I have 10 photo programs on my phone; I do have a slight addiction to them. Pen wise I use American Craft Slick Writers (Black –F/M/B and M in 5 different colors) and their Galaxy Pen (which is white). I also use Paper Studio Pens, a Metallic Pen and a White Pen for which I cannot find links to at the moment.

For my inspirations I’ll refer you to this list. These are my favorite bloggers and inspirations. For specific techniques, I heavily use Elise Blaha’s Adding Text Blocks To Photos Technique and I use many different digital elements from Ali Edwards found on Designer Digitals website. I also closely follow Kam over at CampfireChic for layout inspirations. In this blog post she talks about how each pocket is like a “mini page” and I find that to be something I think about every time I sit down to work on my Project Life. Sometimes when I just want to get it done, or I start late on Sunday when Steve is getting ready to come home from work, I print pictures and then put them in the pockets with nothing else. But then I remember that I can make each pocket special and different. And I get a little more inspired.

Phew! That was a long one, but much needed. As always, thanks for reading!

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