List(less) Wednesday

List-less-Wednes-day da da da da da da da  (sing-songy to the beat of can can music, 23 seconds in)

Srsly. Took me 45 minutes of googling, 3 phone calls, and lots of weird youtube videos to figure out what that song was! Ah now on to the list!

5 things that are on my mind at the moment:

1. I am going back to Ohio July4th-8th. My boss decided to close the office W-F of the holiday week so I jumped on the opportunity to buy an extremely expensive plane ticket home (no PTO/benefits at my current position).

2. Workflowy – I am a list making machine and workflowy lets me put my thoughts onto “paper” without all the nonsense of Evernote/A+ Note or whatever other note programs exist. It short sweet and to the point. It still ha the satisfying complete button where it makes a slash through the item and then remove said item from the sheet. Its pretty nifty.

3. Epiphanie Camera Bags – I received a Lyric in Mustard last night and I am in *love*. My shiny new camera gets to go everywhere with me now in my shiny new bag.  I fully intend on writing a review of all (4) of my camera bags. I know I have a problem.

4. Going to see this 145 foot long fishy tunnel when I head back to CLE.

5. I am working on compiling a post dedicated to juice cleansing/liquid fasting and how ridiculously hard and rewarding it was.


Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!

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