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A Study of Cousins – Ohio Portraits Part 3

1. Little girl named Fi being a hammy ham and older sister Kat in the background. 2. My closest in age cousin, Keara.

These are my last two favorites that I will be posting in the portrait series from Ohio. These are my two (kind of three) beautiful cousins. Fi had no idea who I was (it had been 7 months since I had been back to Ohio) and in a 2 year olds mind that is a lot of time. But once I brought out my camera, this little thing was lit up like a Christmas tree. I tried to snap a few shots of Kat and Fi together but i had to be very close to them and they were so so excited to go see fireworks that they were literally bouncing during all of the shots. This shot of Keara is one of my favorites from a portrait session we did in 3 minutes on the day that I was supposed to fly out of Ohio. It was about 100 degrees outside and she was quite a trooper for me.

Side note: As always you can click images to view them in a larger format and with more clarity. Lately WordPress has been muddling my images. I am working to correct it now.

Portraits From Ohio – Part 1

1. My parents in their hats – love them (also – if anyone knows of where we could purchase a hat like my dads lemme know. We need another one for my dear grandfather.) 2. My beautiful sister K. 3. Aunt TeeTee and Fi 4. My dad is such a cool cat 5. My love Rooney and one of his favorite toys. The orange gear.

I love my life in Texas. Okay. I love my life with Steve inside of the happy bubble that we float around in when we are at the PIL’s house. But outside of that its pretty sucky. (Re: Weather, People, Driving, People, you get the idea). And being back home with my family is pretty great. Over the next couple of days I am going to share some of my favorite portraits I was able to snap over the course of a couple days. I finally went through all of the images tonight while Steve forced me to watch watched Jericho. Enjoy :]

Baby E. and Little S. Sneak Peek

I took photos of some cute kids before I left for my quick vacation home. Here is a little peek at the shoot.