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Hello, 2013.

Hello, blogland. I really have been thinking about you lately. Its hasn’t been you, I promise, its been me. But I’m here now, committing (again!). Phew, got the hard stuff out-of-the-way! But really, in all honesty, I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately. I really do want to keep up with this, keep going. Sorry, but not for you, readers (who ever you are), but for myself, for my brain, and mostly because if I keep writing here about my 2013 goals, I feel like I might stick more to them. I have also decided to take a different approach to this blog. I have this thing with chronology, order, first-second-last. And when life spun a little out of control after our wedding I couldn’t get out all I wanted to say about it, and then other things, big and little, kept happening, and I didn’t get to write about them, I got all bottled up and just couldn’t write anything. Not that I would have had time, my grandparents just received their Christmas gifts yesterday and I still have literally everyone else in our families gifts to work on. And I no longer sit in front of a computer all day, so I no longer have the luxury of writing posts on my lunch breaks, either.

But I have set some pretty lofty goals for 2013 and I am really excited about them. So far its been pretty good. I actually started subconsciously working on them before the New Year because I felt a shift in consciousness prior to that and wanted to get started and did not need to wait for January 1 to get going. 2013 manifestoI think it was actually a couple of days before Christmas when I sat down and wrote out my “2013 Manifesto”. It’s just kind of came out. I wrote out a 4 page to-do list to wrap my brain around the ridiculous self-imposed tasks I still had to complete for Christmas gifts, as well as things I still needed to do to just exist but had been scrimping on since my schedule changed (I’m now doing 12 hours a day of caregiving, and a special shout out to my awesome husband for doing my part of the household chores 2 weeks in a row!). Then I wrote out a list of potential words for my 2013 One Little Word  and while I am not participating in Ali’s class this year, I still wanted to pick a word (or two) to focus on and to drive my goals for this year. My words are Forward and Magic, but I’ll talk more about that later. Once I had that worked out I wrote out a list of things that I wanted to “choose” to do in 2013. I don’t make resolutions, I never have, other than the usual “lose wight” thing I think everyone does. So here is my lofty list:photoThings that I am going to choose to do or work on in 2013:

1.Cutting spending. On everything. No more new stuff that is not a necessity. I have made a short list of things that fall under this list such as 2 sets of scrubs, under garments, supplies that run out like thread, glue runner, ink and paper for my new printer. Outside of that anything that I want to buy has to be saved up for and put on the “30 day list” and only after that waiting period will I be able to purchase that new item. I realize once we get our own place I/we will have to alter this but I have a lot of stuff from college apartments that should get us off the ground and we can make big purchases over time instead of having to do so all at once.

2.No new crafting stuff received its own line item in the manifesto because there are no exceptions to this rule. I have amassed a mountain of crafting stuff and I am going to use every single usable thing in my stash before I get anything new. No matter what.

3.Substantially cut down my clothing. I have attachment issues with clothing. If someone has bought me something, I keep it. They spent their hard-earned money on me and this thing that they wanted to give me. So I hoard, trinkets, clothes, etc. So this year, especially with having to drag our shit all the way back across the country I really want to down size. Way too much “stuff” especially clothing. In line with this goal I want to work on selling some of my extra camera equipment, nice bags, etc.

4.Use my camera more. I feel like I say this a lot but I need to follow through on this one. Having an Iphone has really cut down on the amount of time I have my dslr in my hands and I am mad about it.

5.Blog at least twice a week (I know, I can hear your eyes rolling). But it will happen!

6.Start an address book. We are married, we are both college graduates, we need a damn address book. I sent out our wedding announcements in October and went to send out a quick set of handmade Christmas cards and realized I was in fact going to have to ask every single one of my family members for their addresses again and that is the entire reason as to why I did not send out cards from us this year. The thought of getting addresses made me physically tired. So, I purchased a cute clearance address book from The Container Store (before The Manifesto) and wrote in all of the names and now have to obtain addresses again.

7. No more pop (soda for you southerners), candy, or fast food. Pizza only once a month.

8.Love, with my length and width.

9.Be nicer. I really can be quite a mean person sometimes in real life, but unfortunately it ends up directed at people I love and I want to work to change that.

10.Work out every single day. Yup, 365 days out of the year. So far so good on this one. I know the body needs rest and will not beat my self up for missing a day, but I have flat resistance bands in my purse, and there is always down time so there is not really an excuse. I am also not putting any limits on what exercise is or is not. 200 crunches and yoga in one day counts, but I am actively making an effort to put in big work outs at least 3 times a week. I have 2 different no equipment routines that I do every other day so I have something to keep me anchored and then I throw in weights when I have enough time at home, running on my days off, and lots of yoga. *I have added in some fish to my diet because of my lofty work out goals.

11. And last but not least, I want to have better posture in 2013! My posture is literally ripping my left shoulder out of its socket! I have a ligament thing, where I am too stretchy, and when I do not work out or keep up with my PT exercises I get too weak and cannot hold my joint in their proper place. I regularly roll my ankles by walking, in flat shoes, on flat surfaces. So my shoulders have become weak over the last few months and with hunching my shoulders in front of a computer all summer/just being slouchy my left shoulder is just, wrong. So not only do I need to focus on getting stronger, I need to focus on having better posture when I am at rest or standing still, and not just when I am on a yoga mat.

So! That’s The Manifesto. If you have made it this far, I commend you! And if you’re here I am sure you’re asking, “But how?!”. Well I am working on that portion too. I have my Russel+Hazel planner (in plate) with extra planning pages where I write down what I eat, how many ounces of water I drink, and what workouts I do each and everyday. I have missed writing some days down, but know that I have worked out every single day since January 1. I am also journaling on Project Life 3×4 grid cards every single day. I am working to simplify my Project Life for 2013 by journaling 7 days/week and filling the middle pockets of “A” and “D” pages with those and pictures/scraps in the 4×6 pockets, and including inserts when needed. I am not sure if this will work long-term but wanted to give it a shot anyhow. As things progress and I tweak how I am documenting my progress on my goals for 2013 I will keep you updated.

I’m looking forward to see all that you have in store for us 2013.

Project Life Update September 2-8

I love this project. I look forward to sitting down every weekend pulling out my binders and my PL box and working to make a spread. For me it is so much more enjoyable than traditional scrapbooking.
I put pictures from this post about our evening walks around the pond as an insert. I did some journaling about our walks instead of printing out the post.I like the J page protector and used it for another insert for some extra instagrams that I wanted to use in this spread. The SN letters are chipboard letters that were heat embossed with metallic green powder.On the back of the J protector I used the image of the newspaper where Bill Clinton had spoken the previous night at the DNC and the front page of the Dallas Morning News was about football with a tiny little excerpt about Clinton’s speech, with an article below it stating that a 2nd Term would be horrifying or something. Some other pictures and more journaling to finish out the back of the page. This is the last page and it is a We R Memory Keepers page protector that has 3 instagram sized slots in the middle instead of the 4 3×4’s of the Becky Higgin’s A Page protectors. This is what the spread looks like with the inserts flipped over to the side. Pretty simple week, some embellishments here and there but nothing too extravagant.

The labels that I used throughout this spread are Martha Stewart/Avery Labels that I found at Staples and I am putting them on everything lately. And as always you can click on the images to enlarge.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Sunday!

Project Life August 26th-September 1st

This week came together so easily. Back at the end of August I made my grandmothers bouquet and worked on my own bouquet (bottom left picture). And it was the first time that the weather cooled down a bit and I was able to drive home with my windows open and I was able to take those awesome pictures of the cows by my work. This was also week Steve and I drove up to Paper Source and walked around North Park mall. Sid is about 9 years old (a guess) and every time he gets up he is such a good yoga dog! I have been trying for 2 years to get this downward and the upward facing dog poses and I finally got it. Its not a great picture because I had my external flash on and it was pointing a weird way but he held the pose for just long enough that I could get it. While I was working on this of PL week I also re-did my first divider. I went a little crazy and took out all of my month dividers and put in dividers for the important parts of the album and I had originally wrote “the round up!” on this one and always hated it. So a coat of black paint and some thickers fixed that!

As always – thank you for stopping by! Happy Sunday!

List(less) Wednesday

From this past Saturday Morning

1. 2 List(less) Wednesday post in a row! I am on a roll with my self imposed deadlines I tell ya.

2. Documentation of September is already wildly more successful. And – hello? It’s almost the middle of September? I swear August was the longest month ever in which nothing got accomplished and September is going to be the shortest month in which many, many things are accomplished.

3. Next month Steve and I have a week – AN ENTIRE WEEK – off of work and we are flying to Colorado. Beyond thrilled to pull out my duck boots, thermals shirts, scarves, and gloves. We are staying the majority of the trip in Breckenridge at a beautiful lodge in the mountains. We had planned on driving from Texas to Colorado  (crazy, right?) but last month somethings fell into place (Thank you, mom!) and I was able to buy 2 round trip tickets for $130 each. So we get 2 more whole days than we thought in Colorado and will be spending the bookends of our trip in Denver proper and Estes Park. I cannot wait to get out of Texas and into the mountains.

4. I am opening my Etsy store this week, even if it kills me. I have a bunch of items ready to go, I just need to sit down and dedicate the time to getting it all on the site and making my little story look like my little store.

5. Saw a tweet this week “‘I don’t need anymore stamps’ said no one, ever”, and died laughing, because it is so true. I have an addiction to rubber stamps. And I am not biased either, mounted-unmounted-clear-cling, whatever it is, I love it. Two Peas received a hefty amount of my business this week seeing as Amy Tangerine’s – Ready, Set, Go line was released and I already had quite a few stamps in my bucket. I have no clue what I am going to use that little elephant stamp on but I HAD to have it. Silly I know but, really, I did. And then tomorrow Elise is reopening her stamp shop and I most certainly need both Ampersand stamps and the His and Her’s stamps. But after that I am done. I promise. (said no one ever ;) ) You can read another over enthusiastic post on heat embossing rubber stamped images here.

Anyway – have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by! And if you would like to start your own List(less) Wednesday series, please do! Link here or use #listlesswednesday on twitter :)

Our Little Pond

The weather finally broke again this weekend. And it has been wonderful. The mornings have been quite chilly and the days have been a bit warm, but its been beautiful. Steve and I have always loved taking our walks around the neighborhood pond but it is just too hot during the summer, even after the sun goes down. But on Saturday, we spent some time at the pool, we were the only crazy northerns in it on Saturday when it was 86 degrees because it was too “cold” to go swimming, and then we headed out to the pond. It was a gorgeous day. Steve and I talked about our plans for the next year and really just enjoyed sometime outside in the fresh air. I had an obsession with the lines that I could find around the pond. These are some of my favorites, and you can see, we even made some friends along the way.


Happy Monday!

Project Life – August 2012

This is going to be the first page of the new binder once it arrives from Amazon. Kraft paper is probably my favorite paper other than chevron paper. I finally found a pack that I could use at Hobby Lobby that I liked and went to town with the Paper Source stamps that I had bought last week. I realize that there is not a picture of Steve here but the entire page is about us. S’s and chevron stamp – pretty self explanatory, and done with Versamark Watermark pad.. The “You’re Invited” is American Crafts Metallic Heat Embossing powder and some glitter tape that I had bought from Micheal’s and I can’t quite remember the brand. The rings are American Crafts Opaque Leaf Embossing powder. The pictures in the middle all have to do with a pretty important event that is going to be on going over the next 6-8 months.

Phew! August didn’t really get the weekly “dedication” that other months have but it still got a lot of face time so to speak. This is the bulk of the month, mostly laid out in 3 4×6 inserts (18 pictures!), 1 entire coin pocket page (42 tiny instagrams!), the juice blog post (because honestly that’s the only substantial thing I did in internet land during August) and then the book end pages. TONS of pictures. Not much else and I like it. This is the last part of August so-to-speak. Because I did August all at once It was more about making the photos fit rather than getting them in order. I date stamped the weeks of August through out the layouts on images that I knew landed during those weeks. These last 2 pages sum up 2 of the projects I worked on, the rug/card I made for Daniel and Kate as their wedding gift. Full tutorial can be found on A Beautiful Mess. I actually made theirs a bit smaller than what the tute calls for but it turned out wonderfully. I can’t want to make rugs for our own place, one day far in the future. Then during August I taught myself how to make pancakes from scratch. So very yummy. I followed this recipe. The last page was scrap paper from Amy Tangerine’s Sketchbook (seriously, love this paper!) When I cut down the 6×6 pages from the little book, I have been saving the 2×6 pieces and then stapling 2 coordinating pieces together and using them as “filler”. That’s the pink/black chevron 4×6 at the bottom of the last page. The 3×4 parts of the last page are funny things Siri says to me (I bought an Iphone 4s in August), some journaling (which looking at the picture – I apparently did not finish? weird!). The last 2 images were kind of left over filler images – Steve playing the coveted 339 and then a picture of our closet, I really like that space for some reason – I have been spending a ton of time in there. I actually set up my stamping station in there for now – the dresser is flat and can be cleaned off easily for a enough space to do the stamping/embossing I have been crazy about lately. Seriously, if you are a stamper and don’t have a heat embosser or powder – it is completely worth the purchase. The powder seems expensive ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby) but I use my weekly 40% off to get it for about $2.99 and it seriously last. I am addicted. Elise from Elise Joy did a really nice post explaining her thoughts on stamping in general and a big portion on heat embossing.

Thanks for stopping by! And as always you can click on the images to see them better. Also if for those of you keeping score – I skipped quite a few weeks in PL but most of what I skipped was from my trip home, which you all saw here anyway. Happy Sunday!

List(less) Wednesday

Handsome and sweet dog cuddling on Sunday.

Oh listless Wednesday. Its been a few weeks my mid-week friend. But I am here now and that’s all that matters.

1. Long weekend = the most productive I have felt in such a long time. I reorganized my entire life (almost). I still need to get a blogging calendar together (obviously!) and I need to get some BIG projects done over the next few days and then I will finally feel less crazy.

2. I’m waiting for something big to happen at my job and I’ve been waiting on it since April. So I haven’t had a good nights sleep since then, and the longer we wait the more and more sleep I am losing.

3. Next month is a big month and I honestly think it has something to do with both Steve and my lack of sleep in general.

4. I have decided that I dislike things that I have to do every day. Eat, sleep, shower. I have such disdain for these tasks because I have to do them over and over again. I still do them, mind you. I am not a heathen (most of the time). I just don’t have to like doing it. And I guess my adult job forcing me to shower every morning and wear make up and look presentable has finally gotten to me. I cannot wait until it cools off a bit so that a nice sweater and a pair of pants will get me through the day. I think my professional dresses are tired of the summer and want a break.

5. My iPhone is still a Words with Friend fiasco. I think I have 11 games going on as of late thanks to everyone in my family upgrading to iPhones/Kindle fires.

6. Paper source is the happiest place on earth. I made Steve drive the 35 miles each way with me last Thursday to buy stamps. I have a problem. Thats the first step right? Admitting it? I spent a small fortune but new that it would be a long time before we were back in that neck of the woods in Dallas. I really should have done some more online shopping before we went so I had a better idea of what I exactly wanted because I have another few items sitting in my cart online that I debating paying the shipping on. Scrapper problems.

7. In my iPhone updates and if you follow along on twitter/instagram, you will have seen some sneak peeks of a venture I am hoping to get off the ground this weekend. Stay tuned for details.

8. August was a crazy long/busy month. And as I logged in to finish this post today I saw this post from Candy at Happy Little Wonders and realized I must not be the only person who feels like the blog was an after thought for the month of August. I tried to follow her and post what I actually did in August that caused me to let dust collect on my little piece of the internet but I can’t think of anything! Must do better in September.

9. Still trying to decide, paper planner or iPhone calendar for my blog calendar. I mostly ignore my iCal and haven’t opened the paper planned that I have been hauling carrying around for almost 2 weeks. Its a Russel+Hazel binder and man is that sucker heavy! I have to make a decision quick because I don’t think Steve is going to text my phone while I am half asleep dictating him ideas for much longer ;)

10. If you have not already, please go check out Elise Blaha and then go check out Naomi Davis of the Rock Star Diaries. I can safely assume that most of my free time was spent devouring these 2 blogs over the last few months. Elise is actually how I found Project Like and her 2013 Seafoam kit is amazing! And Naomi’s kids Samson and Elanor are seriously the cutest. I don’t want kids and I love looking at their little faces (safely through a computer/iPhone screen ;)).


As always, thanks for stopping by and welcome new followers :)!