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My packed orange car, outside and inside, Steve and I feeling the madness of a 20 hour drive, Kelly (my baby sister) and I, Rooney and I

Steve and I safely pulled into Cleveland on Wednesday night. We drove my jam packed, tiny 2 door car up from Texas. It’s the first big step in relocating back to the north. We still have no idea where we are going to live or what either of us will be doing but we are wishing and hoping that we will know a lot more of that information over the next few weeks. Fingers and toes crossed for us! I will be posting a Project Life update later this afternoon. Happy Friday!

Where did March go?

Phew! What a whirl wind few weeks we’ve had around here and it’s only going to get crazier!

Yesterday I sat down in the little open space in that picture above and cranked out almost 3 months of project life goodness. I also want to take this time to address my totes. As you can see from the picture above, I store all of my crafty stuff in totes from The Container Store. They are clear and much sturdier than the regular sterilite totes and they have dividers and trays that you can purchase to maximize the space inside of them. I love them, absolutely love them. I have a project life tote with my seafoam kit and other miscellaneous papers and embellishing bits. Then I have 2 stamp totes (!!!) one holds ink, big wood mounted stamps, and smaller alpha stamps, and the other holds embossing powder and gun, sprays, stamps with wood handles and cleaning supplies. In a shorter version of those 3 totes I have all of my car making supplies. I also have 2 sterilite drawer towers that hold thickers, glitter, alcohol inks, tape runners, and a bunch of other mish-mashed stuff. I love that I can drag out all of my stuff and tuck it neatly away when I’m done with it. And also – super simple to move!

Speaking of the move – last week we finally made a big dent in our packing. We don’t have a lot of stuff to pack per se, but we both have plenty of clothing, books, and CDs. Everything that we move will ideally fit in our little 2 door cars and 1 car top carrier. It might be tight but it’s nice to see what things look like all space bagged and boxed up.

I also purchased plane tickets to head home and see my family for a little bit at the the end of this month. I know it sounds strange with us moving and all but both Steve and I agreed that with me only seeing my family for 4 days in the last year and a half (!!!) that I needed to go home and spend some quality time with them. We didn’t want to end up with jobs somewhere in Ohio and have to move and immediately be thrown into working full time and not get to see anyone. Also I have an entire apartments worth of stuff that has been in storage for 3 years that I can’t wait to sort through, purge, and organize.

And then – the biggest news – Steve and I both received calls from potential employers last week! Granted the jobs that we did get calls about are at opposite ends of the state – we are still over the moon excited.

And with all of this excitement over the last 2 weeks I am looking forward to getting through today and having 3 days off in a row to relax and to getting back into a routine here on the blog. Thank you for your understanding during this exciting time for us. Happy Monday!

Our Wedding Album – Project Life Style

I love our wedding album. It’s actually more of a vacation/wedding/honeymoon album, but its perfect. The pictures and spreads here are going to be some of my favorite parts from the beginning of the album. Most of the pictures are in chronological order, and if they are not its because they fit best with another group (like all of the pictures of our hotel room – most were taken at the end of the trip, but they just fit better near the start of our stay). And like I have said before about my Project Life albums that I am working on from the past, I am not so concerned with “in order” and more concerned with “in the album and done” than anything. But with this I wanted to spend a little bit more time with journaling and adding embellishments than I did with the end of 2012 because well, this album is more important to me. On to the spreads!33 On October 9th, 2012, we flew to Denver and stayed a night in a cheap hotel about 40 minutes from the airport. We had both had a long day (I worked from 7:00am-4:00pm that day and still had to get home to pack before our flight at 7:30pm) so we picked up a pizza on our way to the hotel and tucked in for the night. The big page protector divider thing has a sky blue acrylic on it (its my favor method for jazzing up the dividers). The die cute white Colorado and the green highway 70 sign is are both from a little scrapbooking store I found in Breckenridge. I included pictures from the airport and then pictures from our first full day in this spread with a little journaling and an October flair button from Ormolu. 5 6 7 8The next day we woke up, packed up our tiny rental care and hit the road to the Garden of the Gods. There are actually quite a few more pages dedicated to Garden of the Gods, but there are just a bunch of 4×6 pictures of the rock formations, and truly the pictures do not do them justice (and neither would my picture of pictures). For each of the “big” things that we did I included a divider, covered in silver acrylic pant with the name of the place in white maple thickers (my favorite ever – I used 4 or 5 packs just to complete this album and I buy them whenever I am at the good old HL). I cut off the top tab on all of the divider except for the wedding one, which you’ll see in a few pictures. I included any maps we were given into each of the spreads. Also any wood veneers that you see through out this album are from Freckled Fawn.9 10 11After Garden of the Gods, we drove past Pikes Peak, it takes quite a bit of time to drive up and down the mountain, we didn’t want to pay to take the train, someone is afraid of heights, and we really wanted to get to Breck. The brown die cut Breckenridge is from that same scrap shop where I found the other die cuts at the beginning of the album. I then included two of the post cards we bought in Breck in a 5×7 page protector, the check in information from out hotel (The Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge), and the local bus system map. The opening spread has pictures of the outside of the hotel, it was a gorgeous cabin type hotel, very rustic and exactly what we wanted. I then included some instax and a picture of our favorite morning spot, the giant table checkers near a fire place in the lobby of the hotel. The rest of the pictures are from our hotel room and the lobby. There are 2 more spread of only pictures behind this. We had originally booked a forest view king for the cheaper price and with any type of vacation we thought, how much time would we really be spending in the room? When we arrived at the hotel we went up to our room which was located inside of the main building and we were definitely underwhelmed. Our room looked out into the parking lot and was just the bed, t.v., and the bathroom, and barely any kind of light. It was nice of course but unimpressive. We went back downstairs and started to load in our stuff and as we walked by the receptionist we asked how much it would cost to upgrade, it wasn’t much and we said we would take it. I was struggling to hold my giant Davids Bridal dress bag and she asked us if we were getting married and we explained that yes, we were eloping. She upgraded us to a Mountain View King suite (with no charge – there were hugs and tears). We were ecstatic, and the view was absolutely breathtaking, one of the best decisions of the trip. 12 13Obvoiusly my favorite part of the album. The wedding. I took all of the pictures that day on my canon t3i with a tripod and a clicker. We were eloping to save money and spending $1000+ for a photographer just did not make sense. For this part I added another divider with white acrylic paint and silver glitter thickers. I messed up the bottom of the divider (its fixed now though). The white maple thickers appear here again and I included my favorite pictures from the beginning of the day here. The kraft card stock was stamped with a Paper Source heart stamp with versamark water mark ink and a Kelly Purkey October stamp (which is now sold out) in the brilliance white ink I talked about in this post. The picture in the top right was what we used for our announcements – I made the banner that we’re holding and it says “Mr. and Mrs.” on it. I also included a screen shot from my Iphone of when we changed our facebook status to married (it was adorable and fun to do it together – we truly eloped, only a hand full of people knew, it all came together so very quickly after we had spoken to both of our families that we did not have time to call everyone, so it was nice to be able to share with everyone our news quickly through social media).

Next week I will share the last spread from our wedding and the rest of my favorite spreads from the trip, which I just finished most of last night. Our trip took up an entire White Project Life album (which I snagged on clearance right before they sold out) and we were only there for a week!

*I loved using PL for this special occasion. It was easy to put almost every single picture we took into this album. I couldn’t imagine doing a wedding, vacation/honeymoon, and iphone album – trying to figure out what pictures to put where – and really, it just never would have happened. The pictures would have lived and died on my hard drive. So again, thank you Becky for this wonderful system!!

Project Life – The End of 2012

I pushed through that last 3 months of 2012 because I needed to to check it off my list. I printed off all of the pictures from post Colorado to New Years Eve and put them vaguely in order and them into the pockets the pictures went. There are no embellishments, no stamps, no stickers. And I don’t care! I am so happy to have this done! The only thing I did do was back some of the pictures with extra patterned paper I had laying around. These pictures were the first set that I used the new Canon Printer and I tried to print my 3×4 at 2.9×3.9 (for the old Project Life protectors I was using) and for some reason some of the pictures printed properly and overs were much too big or much too small. So I used the paper to back those pictures to make the layout full and so you couldn’t see the the other pictures through the pockets. If that makes sense? That part drives me crazy, when the pictures do not line up, so this was my solution for that. I have used a few times in 2013 already and it just makes me happy. On to the pictures!

234These were the last 2 weeks before we left for Colorado and I was so overwhelmed with work and life in general that I actually did this to soothe my need to stay up with Project Life before we left. I was going to post this back then but I had added some Thickers that I did not like and finally ripped them off the other night. I added in the dates because I thought that I would be able to just pick right up where I left off. The kraft circles with the heart and ring stamps are heat embossed with metallic silver powder.567The pictures are on the right are from Thanksgiving (the pictures of Steve and I posing together), my burnt hand, FaceTime with my Grandpa, and the Domo in my purse (I quit my job the Monday after Thanksgiving). The middle shows an example of how I backed the pictures with patterned paper. Then the pictures on the left are from our Colorado trip (October 2012) The bottom 4 pictures are my favorites from Colorado. These pictures are out of order and I am okay with it because the pictures will evoke the memories that I love so much in the years to come, and I don’t think I will mind that its out of order then, either. 8910111And that’s it! The last 2 layouts are actually in order Christmas and then New Years on the last page to round out the year nicely. I may go back and add some journaling, I may not. But for now, I have crossed this off the list!

List(less) Wednesday

Today’s list is a shorty but a goody. I totally copped out of posting last Wednesday because we were enjoying these 3 delicious views in real time. Here are some of my favorite scenery pictures via my iphone from last week. 1. A panoramic from our first day just outside of Colorado Springs on our way to the Garden of the Gods park. 2. The gorgeous view from the road right outside our hotel.3. The view from our hotel room on Thursday and Saturday (breath taking, right?! A huge thank you to The Lodge and Spa at Breck for our amazing upgrade!).

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to getting back into a normal swing of things around here on this blog and in life over the next week or so. Happy Wednesday!

A Small Update From The Mountains!

Steve and I in the Garden of The Gods park near Colorado Springs

Steve and I are finally in Colorado and we are having a blast! We have taken a ton of pictures that I will share once we get back to Texas. I have been sharing bits and pieces on instagram and twitter if you follow me there (and if you do, you already know our big news!). I’ll be back with a full Project Life update next Sunday. And as always thank you for stopping by!

*Sorry for the lack of posts, life came hard and fast the week before we left and I didn’t have much time to breathe let alone set up posts, thank you for following along though!

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