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What my iphone saw – Ohio Edition

1. Yummy Breakfast 2. Yuengling came to Ohio and it is always stocked when I come home from Texas. 3. Veggie Pizza! 4. My 4 hour layover set up in Charlotte Airport. I snagged one of those coveted white rocking chairs in the Atrium near a working plug and did some people watching and book reading. 5. My favorite sneakers. Who cares if they are Michigan colors? They are so comfortable and they were a cheap find too :) 6. My little man looking quite little under the table on the new deck at the grandparents house. 7. Knob Creek – a surprise from my dad. I drank that entire bottle all on my own mixed with rootbeer. Say something about how I take my bourbon. 8. Finally leaving Charlotte 24 hours later that I was supposed to.

I love my iphone and I love the pictures that it takes (usually). I love the front camera for self and family portraits (its also extremely useful in taking pictures of Sid who happens to be camera shy except when the screen is facing him). I love that it goes everywhere with me so that even if I am not lugging my rebel all over the earth and I see something picture worthy, I can still snap it. I love having 2 folders full of camera/photo apps. (If you’d like to follow my instagram in real time find me at @shannoncecelia!) Enjoy :]