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Grandpa’s Surprise 80th Birthday Party

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A Study of Cousins – Ohio Portraits Part 3

1. Little girl named Fi being a hammy ham and older sister Kat in the background. 2. My closest in age cousin, Keara.

These are my last two favorites that I will be posting in the portrait series from Ohio. These are my two (kind of three) beautiful cousins. Fi had no idea who I was (it had been 7 months since I had been back to Ohio) and in a 2 year olds mind that is a lot of time. But once I brought out my camera, this little thing was lit up like a Christmas tree. I tried to snap a few shots of Kat and Fi together but i had to be very close to them and they were so so excited to go see fireworks that they were literally bouncing during all of the shots. This shot of Keara is one of my favorites from a portrait session we did in 3 minutes on the day that I was supposed to fly out of Ohio. It was about 100 degrees outside and she was quite a trooper for me.

Side note: As always you can click images to view them in a larger format and with more clarity. Lately WordPress has been muddling my images. I am working to correct it now.

List(less) Wednesday

Steve. Love of my life. Showing me his Circa shirt and graciously allowing me to take instax pictures of him. all. the. time.

1. I have decided that instead of posting my instax minis in one photo post or something I am going to use them to accent my List(less) Wednesday posts. Steve here has no relevance to the rest of the list. He is just adorable, that one.

2. As of Monday, I am officially a salaried employee. As of Monday, I was promoted to a position that is…that it just is. Things have to be approved through our State licensing agency so I won’t say much about it until its all said and done (6 weeks!) but man. Life moves fast.

3. We have found a hotel in Colorado (Breckenridge) for the beginning/middle of October.  It will work for now but the prices have been all over the map lately. One week at our favorite hotel (Aloft) they are in the $75.00 range and this week they are in the $134.00 range. Its driving me bonkers. We decided on a resort-type hotel actually in Estes Park at the moment, but regardless I think we’ll end up in that area anyway. If anyone out there has any suggestions please let me know.

4. Printed 105 photos to tidy up the lose ends of my PL (3 weeks worth!) and decided that I am going to fill last week with journaling and minimal photos and then I will get pictures and get them posted. I still love that project, I have just been playing catch up for a month after my time off in the beginning of the month.

5. I strangely enough have been setting up my posts in advanced to publish. I know a lot of, if not all, of the bloggers I follow do this, and man, does it make me feel better. I like this little piece of the internet, I like having it to myself, my life, and my photos, and I like posting here. Its strange this blog thing.

*I also want to welcome my family and friends this week. Until early this week I had not truly shared this space with my real life people. Not out of needing to hide it or anything like that but I have been working on building content and getting to a place where I can post 6-7 times a week on a consistent basis and have enough content to fill the space. Enjoy :]!

Some of my favorite people

It so strange to think from these 2 people came the person I know as my mom, and the people that I know as my “mom’s side of the fam”. No matter what talking to my gram always makes my day better. My grandfather, a retired carpenter from GM, is a work horse. He just recently built an entire deck on the back of their home, pretty much by himself in his late 70’s (I have pictures that I’ll post of that amazing project soon). And my gram, oh man my gram, she is one of the funniest people I know and she always has some of the best advice. Love them so much.