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List(less) Wednesday

The best little pup ever.

1. So much came together in terms of planning for the next 6-8 months over the weekend, I cannot believe it. Its been a rush and I have been super busy scouring ebay and cussing people out for out bidding me at literally the last second. I even pulled off the highway after work today to bid on an item (responsibility, first people!) and my silly Iphone refused to update and I lost FOUR items in a 5 minute period. Sheesh.

2. I am playing around with a business model at the moment. I am looking into opening a shop, with a wide range of items. But its in the primary stages (aka in my mind) I’m still rolling it around my brain deciding if it would be a worth it endeavor. Stay tuned for details!

3. Holy migraines this week! I finally cut out ALL meat and got back to my healthy vegetarian diet, not my chips and soda vegetarian diet. I was still sneaking pepperoni (I know the worst meat ever) on my pizza, but this week that ended. I am detoxing all over the place. In the morning I make Steve and I our super packed shake (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, kale, amazing grass ORAC super foods powder, EFA omega 3,6,9, Spirulina, and local honey. Phew!) and then I take an almond butter sammy and green juice (cucumber, kale, spinach, romaine, 1 apple) to work and then I let myself have whatever we have for dinner, although this week I have been trying to stick to healthier options. My boss even gave me $10 to Starbucks and I have yet to touch it :)

4. I have been a (mostly) vegetarian, vegetarian for a year. I wish I could say I was rail thin and just loving life but I’ve honestly gained more weight because it was so easy to eat Pizza and Mac and Cheese than to truly commit to a true healthy life style. Eating healthy is getting easier now that I am making time for it (getting up earlier!) but it is still a work in progress.

5. I starting my “4th” year of memory keeping. This will be the first year that I am going to be keeping the memories as we make them and this is such a good year to start! I am caught up to date (I made traditional scrapbooks for the first 2 years that Steve and I were together and then I started project life with year 3 but I started this past March so I had to work backwards from March to the previous August and to be honest I hate that part of my PL album. Its not weekly and I was not all that wonderful about taking pictures all the time and we live a pretty boring, hot, sweaty life here in Texas. So there wasn’t much to fill that part but the album is still some how THICK. It was a perfect time to start year 4 because year 3 is busting out of the seems!

Project Life Update – June 10th-16th

I told you the pictures would get better! This is back from June, back when Steve and I did our juice fast – which seems like ages ago! You can read about the whole process here. Pretty simple, pictures + bits put into pockets, some embellishments – into the book this week went. Enjoy!

2 Day Liquid Fasting Experiment

Steve decided to join the dark side a couple of weekends ago.

Steve tasting green juice for the first time.

For our anniversary last August he bought me Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr and I have tried to eat a (mostly) vegetarian diet ever since. The book is hilarious and inspiring. Kris had a no holds bar way of writing that makes all the reasons to eat a healthier diet really make sense. A couple days after I finished the juicing chapter we took the long drive to the only Crate and Barrel in the DFW Metroplex and I bought a Breville Compact Juice Fountain. Juicing is a lot of work but the benefits are wonderful. If I drink green juice everyday my skin is clearer, my focus is sharper, and I have energy for days. But Steve, his parents, and my coworkers all cringe when they see me sucking my green goodness through a straw.


But Steve and I have recently been stuck in kind of a rut. We are both officially in our mid-twenties and staying in shape isn’t as easy as it once was. Enter the juice cleanse. On a Thursday Steve suggested that we try a 3 day cleanse to give our bodies the reset that they needed and to get a jump start on our summer plans to get in shape for our wedding. I can’t tell you the last time that I unrolled my yoga mat and running wasn’t giving Steve what he wanted either. So I jumped at the opportunity to put my $100 juicer to good use and to get Steve on the green goodness band wagon.

Saturday morning we woke up and I got to work. I made my signature juice with 2 cucumbers, a handful of kale, handful of spinach, and pears (2 for Steve). And into our adventure we went. The first couple of hours were pretty easy once we had our first round of juice in us.

We had to juice/blend in the bathroom on our side of the house most of the time as Steve’s mom was busy in the kitchen and the juicer is LOUD. Like a wood chipper in your house.

I then made our lunch shakes (we decided to do a liquid fast instead of just a plan juice fast for health reasons) into the shake went a banana, 2 strawberries, a handful of blueberries, a cup of chocolate soy milk, Complete EFA (Omega 3,6,9), a scoop of Amazing Grass Antioxidant powder, and Spirulina.Berries and Bananas patiently waiting to be prepped into baggies for freezing for shakes.

So yummy. I drink this every morning that I am on time for work.

We then had to run some errands and this is where the side effects and the detox really started to happen. We ended our errands at Whole Foods so I could buy more of my probiotics and so that we could purchase more fruits and veggies for or juicing adventure. Have you ever been to a Whole Foods on a Saturday? It’s food aroma heaven. The moment we walked into the store we need we had made a mistake, everything smelled and looked so tasty. We stuck to our guns bought our veggies and high tailed it out of there.

Such a handsome helper ;)

As soon as we got home we had to start juicing again. The whole process from preparing the veggies to juicing to clean up takes about 45 minutes. We sped through this juicing so we could get something into our stomachs. We got a little crazy and added watercress, mint, and celery, also we substituted pears for apples. The juice wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. It tasted how freshly cut grass smells, with a hint of mint. There was a lot of chugging going on this round.

We then promptly had our dinner shakes (the same as above, minus the powders, plus spinach and kale). And then we had to fight the good fight. We had to fight the urge to break our cleanse and to eat pizza. Steve’s parents had ordered pizza for dinner while we were out running errands. And it was lurking in the fridge. There it was, a wonderful greasy cardboard box sitting on top of all of our veggies. And in it was the best looking Little Caesar’s I have ever seen. Cold pizza is probably my favorite snack, second only to hot pizza or parm/garlic cheese sticks. We love pizza. It’s our thing. We had to literally talk each other out of it multiple times that night. And finally we went to sleep. I slept like a baby. The first good night of sleep I had had in so long. And it was all because my body was so tired of detoxing that I just had to sleep. I slept for almost 12 hours straight.

Juicing in the music room, so what? Also these cucumber were organic and washed very very well. Any other fruits or veggies that are not organic should be washed properly and then pealed.

Steve had to work Sunday morning, so I dragged myself out of bed and made a quadruple batch of juice (same as above minus celery and mint) so that Steve could have his morning and afternoon juice while he was at work and I also made our shakes (same as above, with powders, kale, and spinach). It was tough to do all the work that goes into juicing and making shakes but in the end it was worth it. Steve went off to work jugs of liquid in hand and I got ready to have my ‘girly’ Sunday. My morning juice went down without a hitch and I even felt energized. It felt like all my cells we on fire, like they had just taken a breath of fresh air. I decided that it might be a good idea to help my body to clean out the toxins by doing a home enema (gross, I know, but seriously, it helps during a detoxing period).  My stomach hadn’t been flushing as well as I had hoped with the liquid fast and I was kind of worried, but it turns out my body was not in as dire straits as I had thought.

Homemade ashram

I took a long hot shower, did my Sunday pedicure, and then it happened. The detox symptoms hit me like a freight train. Migraine, swollen foot (I have a screw in my foot from where I broke it in 4 places in 2009 and whenever something is amiss in my body, my foot acts up), and extreme fatigue. I stayed in bed almost all day until it was absolutely necessary for me to get up and bathe Sid before Steve came home from work. It took everything I had to move, but I knew that it was good. I knew the detox was working. Once Steve got home we agreed that 48 hours was probably enough for our first cleanse/fast and that I especially needed to break it.

And we wanted pizza. So bad! But we also knew that overloading our bodies with animal products and bad fats was the worst thing that we could do. We literally had to google this last point to stop ourselves from devouring pizza. So it was whole wheat bread and tomato soup for me and scrambled eggs and toast for Steve. And that was it. We had endured our first cleanse.


Steve says that he would do it again, and I would definitely have to agree. The benefits are still hanging around a week after we finished. I lost 5 pounds (I don’t think water weight as I really ramped up the amount of water I was drinking during the cleanse) and I started doing morning and evening yoga again. We as a couple have made way better food choices. The cleanse really made us consider what we were putting into our bodies every evening when we had our first shared meal of the day. I can’t say that we won’t have pizza on Thursday night, but on all the other nights of the week we have definitely had healthier food.

Thanks for reading!

List(less) Wednesday

List-less-Wednes-day da da da da da da da  (sing-songy to the beat of can can music, 23 seconds in)

Srsly. Took me 45 minutes of googling, 3 phone calls, and lots of weird youtube videos to figure out what that song was! Ah now on to the list!

5 things that are on my mind at the moment:

1. I am going back to Ohio July4th-8th. My boss decided to close the office W-F of the holiday week so I jumped on the opportunity to buy an extremely expensive plane ticket home (no PTO/benefits at my current position).

2. Workflowy – I am a list making machine and workflowy lets me put my thoughts onto “paper” without all the nonsense of Evernote/A+ Note or whatever other note programs exist. It short sweet and to the point. It still ha the satisfying complete button where it makes a slash through the item and then remove said item from the sheet. Its pretty nifty.

3. Epiphanie Camera Bags – I received a Lyric in Mustard last night and I am in *love*. My shiny new camera gets to go everywhere with me now in my shiny new bag.  I fully intend on writing a review of all (4) of my camera bags. I know I have a problem.

4. Going to see this 145 foot long fishy tunnel when I head back to CLE.

5. I am working on compiling a post dedicated to juice cleansing/liquid fasting and how ridiculously hard and rewarding it was.


Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!