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Project Life May 20th-26th(27th) and May 27th-June 2nd

These 2 weeks were pretty special. Steve and I took a mini-vacation north of Dallas. We went to North Park Mall and then stayed at Aloft hotel in Las Colinas, because Steve and I celebrate our birthday’s 3 days apart. Steve’s is May 26th and mine is May 29th. Our birthday’s happened to fall across 2 weeks of Project Life, so all of the pictures from the first week and the saved items from our trip are in week May 20th-26th and all of the cards that we received in the mail are in week May 27th-June 2nd. It worked out because I literally did not take a single picture during my birthday week – not that my birthday wasn’t wonderful (Steve had a bath waiting for me with some of my favorite bath salts, candles, and a new happy book on my actual birthday). But work was, well, a client that has ruled most of my days since I started with the company was moved to hospice care, so I won’t say it was hard (I find myself saying that a lot), but it was an emotionally charged week.

Onto the layouts! The first page is an “A” page protector and has pictures from the beginning of Steve’s birthday week (20-276th) . The title card is vellum with a picture of this crazy cowboy boot/hat/lasso carpet at the Gaylord Texan. I went to Facebook’s Small Business Marketing Boost for my company. And that carpet was…worth mentioning. The food pictures are of our failed breakfast pizza (it was really tasty but did not really work as pizza). The next pictures are of Kiefer Water and the instructions on how to brew it at home. One of Steve’s coworkers gifted us the Water Kiefer Grains and so this was me trying our first batch. It was vanilla crème flavored, and I know that picture makes it look like it was disgusting but it actually was more weird than anything else. And of course Sid Vicious had to make an appearance in the Instax picture in the bottom left of the layout. The insert, a “G” page protector, and includes pictures from the surprise that I did for Steve. Because of the Facebook event I was able to leave work early on the day before Steve’s actual birthday. So I blew up 72 balloons, and streamer blasted our room. And the top image is of Steve seeing it for the first time. The other pictures are of the streamers and the cupcake tower I made for him (all of the cupcakes say 25 on them).The back of the insert is more pictures of the balloons (we stuffed them in the closet while we slept because we didn’t want to pop them that night). And the bottom Instax picture is of all the balloons popped 2 days later. Next up is another “A” page protector for the last page, a little unconventional I know but I did not plan my photo editing/printing as well as I usually do, and all the photos fit the “A” sheet. The top corner is a Paper Source bag cut down (I had never been to a Paper Source and the one at North Park is the closest -45 minutes away). The Instax picture is from our swimming adventure at the hotel with some journaling. The middle pictures of the layout are from a work day and of my new sunglasses. The next is a text from Steve that I really liked and felt like it summed up how our relationship felt that week. The scrap is our key card holder from the hotel. The bottom is filled with mail I received that week – a letter from my Aunt Bea and the envelop is what my mom sent my new insurance cards in.

This week’s layout was pretty simple. The page is of course the back of the “A” sheet from the previous week. The first card is again from my Aunt Bea and the envelop that it was sent in. The next page is a We R Memory Keepers 4×4 pocket 12×12 sheet. I had to improvise a little bit. I didn’t really want to cut up the cards, but I also did not want them to be sideways. Strange I know. But the page has the card that my Grandparents sent me along with the awesome Star Wars card Steve’s Auntie Annie and cousins Anna and Kenny sent us. The WTF sticky is courtesy of Paper Source. I love that it has little boxes at the bottom to check ?,!,?!, all of the appropriate punctuation for WTF. The bottom “birthday” is made of chipboard gellies that I have been hoarding for the right moment and thought that our birthdays were the best time to use them if any.

I use a Canon Rebel XS, 50mm f1.8 lens, and I use PSE 10 for photo editing, and a Canon Selphy CP800 and Canon Paper to print my photos. Vellum Scroll Paper : Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby). Happy Birthday Paper : Paper Studio Seasonal Pack. Vellum Quote : Colorbok (Joann-Fabrics). Color Paper : Paper Studio Entirely Textured Paper Pack. Heart Brad : Amy Tangerine – Sketchbook Line. Pink Dot Chip Chatter Gellies – Pressed Pedals (Joann-Fabrics). Stripped Paper : Project Life Cobalt Cardstock. For all of the Project Life products I use go here.